Agfa Expands Single-Pass UV Inkjet Ink Sets


Altamira Design PID is cost-efficient for production runs, yet provides more flexibility for product differentiation and producing on-demand individualised products.

The Altamira Design PID inkjet ink set is optimised for printed interior decoration, such as furniture edge bands, profiles, panels, and other interior elements, including base plates (skirting boards). It fits existing production processes and can replace rotogravure printing.


• Ability to print full colour and wood colour designs.
• IKEA compliant – Agfa can only guarantee that the ink formulation is IKEA compliant and will advise on issues related to compliance of printed surfaces.
• Colour constancy – for wood colours.
• Low metamerism – for wood colours.
• Ideal jetting reliability
• No colour shift – stable colour from 20 minutes after printing.
• Long shelf life – from production date and under recommended storage conditions.

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