Agfa has added a primer option to the Jeti Titan S and HS flatbed inkjet printers that improves ink adhesion and extends the durability of prints.

Incorporating the latest generation 1 280-nozzle Ricoh Gen 5 print heads, the Jeti Titan S (speed) and HS (high-speed) combine exceptional print quality and high productivity at a best-in-industry price point. They are ideal for high-value work like POP/POS viewed at close range or for the high-level art, fashion and cosmetics markets.

The new digital primer makes the Jeti Titan S and HS even more versatile. Digital primer is typically used to print outdoor signage and displays on low-cost yet more difficult (in terms of adhesion) materials (e.g. fluted polypropylene) with the objective to extend the durability of the prints.

Agfa Graphics’ digital primer solution can be applied to the entire image or ‘spot-wise’ only. It is subsequently cured by the printer’s UV curing system. Digital primer vastly improves adhesion without sacrificing either the maximum density or the ink colour gamut.

Jeti Titan S and HS come with Agfa Graphics’ Asanti workflow for the sign and display market, which adds colour management and automatic pre-flighting. This not only provides consistent quality but also minimises errors, increasing productivity and saving time. Asanti is completed by the Asanti StoreFront cloud-based web-to-print system, which comes as an optional low-investment SaaS solution.

The 3x2m (122×79 inch) six colours plus white Jeti Titan S is equipped with one row of print heads and is field-upgradeable to two rows to increase productivity. The Jeti Titan HS comes with two rows of print heads. Reflecting market demands, the default set-up for both models is six colours plus white (CMYKLcLmWW). White printing supports different modes including overprint, under-print, spot, under-spot, fill and over-spot for rigids and pre-white for roll media.

The ‘flat-to-roll’ option on the Jeti Titan S and HS allow users to print flexible media with the same high quality and resolution as rigid materials and this at the full maximum media width (3.2m). Thanks to the ‘thin ink layer’ pigment dispersion technology, Agfa Graphics’ large gamut of UV-curable inks enable printing on a broad range of durable indoor and outdoor applications on flexible materials, including top quality banners, self-adhesive vinyls, and front- and back-lit graphics. These inks deliver the highest quality prints with the lowest ink consumption per square meter in the industry.