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New features unveiled at FESPA 2019, and a growing number of successful installations, are proof of the ever-widening possibilities the Acuity Ultra provides. When it launched in 2018, Fujifilm’s ground-breaking, super-wide format Acuity Ultra platform immediately set a new standard in its class, offering wide format print businesses almost photographic levels of quality at greater speeds, lower cost-in-use and better return on investment than any other comparable machine. This article appears in the latest Sign Africa Journal

One year on, it has raised the bar even further, now featuring a new dual CMYK ink configuration and high-speed, 1-pass mode to widen its versatility and add even greater flexibility to the speed-quality performance it can achieve.

New Configuration

The Acuity Ultra has, until now, been available either with six channels configured as CMYK plus light inks, or eight channels as CMYK plus light inks and two white channels. Now a new model, the Acuity Ultra 5044, is available with a dual CMYK, eight channel configuration that offers the potential for greater output volumes and productivity, while maintaining outstanding levels of quality, thanks to the machine’s industry-leading 3.5 picolitre, 3-level greyscale printheads.

New High-Speed Option

Also now available are new 2-pass and 1-pass print modes, the latter enabling users to print at speeds of up to 400sqm per hour – 60% faster than the top-end speed previously possible. Flexible, smoothing functionality means that users can opt for 100% smoothing to reduce banding and maximise quality, 0% smoothing to maximise top-end speed, or anything in between. The added flexibility and easy functionality means that users have more control than ever to ensure they can adapt settings for every job and meet the hugely varying needs of their customers.

New Levels Of Flexibility

Finally, newly improved scalable architecture and the modular build of the Acuity Ultra means that new customers can choose to invest in a six channel model today and upgrade in the field to an eight channel version later on if required. As before, the new Acuity Ultra is available in 5 metre and 3.2 metre models. It uses an ultra-high quality, low film thickness Uvijet GS ink that is GREENGUARD and AgBB approved. This ink has been designed to deliver the highest quality and is fully emission-compliant for interior graphic display work.

New Installations

‘A growing number of Acuity Ultra installations across Europe, including in Italy, Spain, the UK and Russia, are proof that people have quickly identified the capabilities this machine provides,’ said Nils Gottfried, Wide Format Inkjet Systems Product Manager, Fujifilm Graphic Systems EMEA. ‘Four key elements in combination have already ensured that this machine offers a superior speed-quality-cost ratio over its competitors. These elements are: the high-end 3.5 picolitre, 3-level greyscale printheads that ensure outstanding quality; the linear motor that reduces vibrations to a minimum and ensures accurate ink drop placements; a media feeding system that operates with pinpoint accuracy, and a chilled vacuum table that allows conventional UV curing with no risk of substrate damage or shrinkage.’

A Belgian first and a Russian third are two of the most recent Acuity Ultra installations – both announced at FESPA 2019. Together, they highlight the growing interest in the ultra-high quality the machine can produce at incredible speeds.

A long-time Fujifilm plates customer, HECHT has now made its first Fujifilm inkjet investment with its purchase of Belgium’s first Acuity Ultra. The high-end, large format print business, which has additional locations in France and the Netherlands, was acquired by Koramic Visual Communication Group in 2017 and immediately set about expanding its already substantial production capacity. ‘We were looking to expand production capacity at HECHT following the acquisition, so we investigated and ran tests on a number of different machines to help us to do that,’ said Rik Deman, CEO of Koramic Visual Communication Group.

HECHT Acuity sale at FESPA 2019.

‘Ultimately, there were two decisive factors that led us to conclude that the Acuity Ultra was the right machine for us. First, we found that the Acuity Ultra offered an unrivalled combination of speed and quality and, secondly, it also has an excellent and very fast white ink printing option.

‘The latter point is particularly important to us as we see the high-end, backlit graphics market and the out-of-home advertising market as key growth areas. Being able to print white ink at exceptional levels of quality, and to do so quickly and efficiently, will be key to driving growth for our business in this sector.’

Moscow-based We R.SIGNS has become the third Russian company to invest in Fujifilm’s super-wide format Acuity Ultra. An expert in large format signage production and outdoor advertising, We R.SIGNS employs over 500 members of staff and is one of the largest companies servicing the outdoor and indoor print markets in Russia.

‘The quality of the print work produced on the Acuity Ultra was one of the main reasons for our decision to invest,’ said Andrey Nikulin, Vice President at We R.SIGNS. ‘It fits in perfectly with our large format and outdoor advertising product offering, and its versatility is key to us providing our customers with a variety of high quality printed work.

We R.SIGNS Acuity Ultra sale.

‘The Acuity Ultra will also be an essential part of our presence at exhibitions, as it will allow us to demonstrate to potential customers the high standard of print work that we can achieve.’ Nikulin explained how the company’s positve relationship with Fujifilm was also a decisive factor: ‘We have used Fujifilm products in the past, including Onset and Uvistar platforms, which have helped us to enter new markets. The company’s expert sales and technical teams have always been a pleasure to work with too.’

Acuity Ultra key features:

• 6 and 8 channel options, including new dual CMYK option.
• 3-pass print mode (236sqm per hour).
• New 2-pass print mode with outstanding quality (268sqm per hour).
• New 1-pass print mode with output volumes up to 400sqm per hour.
• 0.1 to 2.0mm media thickness.
• Linear drive system.
• Chilled vacuum table.
• Powerful and intuitive graphical user interface.

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