Zünd Cutter Installation Increases Productivity

Zünd Cutter Installation Increases Productivity

Angel Totochev, Director at EasySkinz Ltd has always been an admirer of the Zünd cutters for many years and decided it was time to invest in a purpose-built digital cutter which will give him the precision he requires. Having spoken to Zünd UK, he decided to send in some materials for testing and was very impressed with the 0.2 mm tolerance Zünd achieved.

EasySkinz make attractive wraps that keep the original design and style of the device. The idea started as a family reaction against the bulky and unattractive cases on the market which hid the essence of the devices and rapidly grew to a successful family business shipping its products to 140 countries a month. With a professional background of more than 27 years in the design industry, EasySkinz is now a leader in manufacturing the highest quality skins and meeting the needs of more than 300,000 customers all over the world.

Totochev said, ‘At EasySkinz we keep the original design of the device while we add individuality to it. With our wraps you will always stand out from the crowd with a new colour or a picture that resonates with your favourite outfit, styling, or car colour. With EasySkinz it is almost impossible to see another person with the same wrap as yours. Our professional designers put their hearts into creating new forms, designs and ways of application and this makes our skins exclusive for every model.’

In recent years, the company has faced a growing challenge of cutting intricate skin parts for new mobile devices. With technology developing and mobile devices becoming more and more compact with smaller charging ports and built in speakers, precision has become more important than ever. The company’s vinyl cutters were quickly finding themselves out of their depth with intricate parts requiring better cutting accuracy.

During his demonstration day at the Zünd UK HQ in St Albans, Totochev quickly realised the other benefits the Zünd technology would bring to his business. Totochev said, ‘Previously when we processed self-adhesive vinyl rolls on a conventional vinyl cutter, we had to factor in the moving compensation when designing our skin cases, because the roll of material would move back and forth when cutting. This was a nightmare for our designers and involved a lot of trials and errors. The Zünd is great at overcoming this problem because of the way the flatbed cutter holds the material with its vacuum, allows the material to be much more stable and the beam does all the moving and cutting, so we gain exactly what we designed.’

The cutting precision was not the only impressive factor that led to Angel ordering his new fully specified Zünd G3 L-2500 digital cutter. During the demonstration, the team at Zünd UK showed Totochev how to increase productivity using the Zünd twin cut technology. One of the benefits of the Zünd cutters is the ability to hold multiple tools on the beam, in this case two Kiss Cutting Tools (KCT) that work simultaneously to reduce cutting time by 50%. This was a great added benefit for Easy Skins and meant productivity increased whilst maintaining optimum precision.

Reflecting back on his purchase, Totochev said, ‘Our new Zünd cutter can cover all of our needs, with amazing quality cuts and productivity. I would like to thank the team at Zünd UK for the brilliant customer service and technical support. Zünd spent a lot of time listening to my requirements and working with me to create solutions that will help us take our business forward.’

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