Zünd Awarded For Newly Launched Cutter

Zünd Awarded For Newly Launched Cutter

The Red Dot Design Award is an internationally renowned prize for high-quality design. The international jury reserves this coveted seal of quality for products featuring outstanding design. Zünd Systemtechnik AG won the 2023 Red Dot Award for Product Design for the newly launched Zünd cutter Q 32-32 D.

The new Q-Line generation of cutters is the result of a completely new design concept based on a distinctive style. The precisely dimensioned tools, slightly inclined towards each other, define the shape and create a balanced look. Side casings frame the high-performance machinery.

Advanced technology such as the fully automatic tool changer sets it apart and is integral components that add to the cutter’s dynamic appearance. The controls and the new control panel are ingeniously configured, ergonomic and visually appealing. This combination of design and technology makes the machine the perfect solution for highly automated and efficient digital cutting for industrial applications.

The new Q-Line with BHS180 was presented to the public for the first time in April 2023. Topping off the market launch, the product has now won plaudits from the international jury of experts for the annual Red Dot Design Award. The 43 independent jurors individually assess criteria such as the degree of innovation, ergonomic comfort, product silhouette, symbolic and emotional value, quality consciousness and the environmental credentials of a product.

The Zünd cutter Q 32-32 D has taken performance in digital cutting to new highs. Retractable safety glass panels and integrated light barriers ensure maximum safety when the two beams are accelerating at up to 2g. At such production speeds, the solid mineral-cast base ensures stability and affords the utmost precision when cutting, along with the necessary mass to counteract vibrations. The beams are made of carbon fiber-reinforced composite, which makes them very light and strong and gives them a sophisticated, high-end look.

Zünd Systemtechnik is delighted to have won the award and is proud that its cutting systems impressed the jury in terms of both functionality and design. They make digital cutting even more efficient – and they look great in the process.

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