Zünd And Antalis Support School Project With Cutting Services And Board

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The combined efforts of Antalis and Zünd UK have enabled pupils at a Staffordshire primary school to create a collaborative display on British values. This included Libra board from Antalis and the cutting services from Zünd UK, which resulted in 70 jigsaw-shaped pieces of Libra board, suppplied to and decorated by the school’s pupils.

The values illustrated encompassed school and the community, such as inclusion, caring, lifelong learning, aspiration and tolerance. On hearing that the school intended to cut out each of the jigsaw shapes themselves, partner Antalis contacted Zünd to get involved. Using digital cutting technology at its demonstration facility in St Albans, Zünd cutters cut all 70 tessellating pieces for the school.

Joanne Ashcroft, the teacher at Fulfen Primary School, said, ‘We really appreciated both companies’ support and the generosity they showed Fulfen; it has made such a difference to the work we could produce. All the children involved in the project are delighted with what they have been able to create with the pieces. We have now pieced the boards together to create an interlocking display of the children’s illustrations of the values.’

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