FESPA Digital 2014, taking place in Munich from 20-23 May 2014, will provide an ideal stage for Zünd to demonstrate time-saving features and supercharged productivity as well as fully configured cutting systems with high-performance tools.

The modular design of Zünd cutting systems and their components make it possible to tailor configurations to meet very specific production and automation needs. Every machine is designed for 24/7 operation and can process the widest range of materials up to a thickness of 100 mm (4 inches).

The primary focus of Zünd’s exhibit at FESPA Digital 2014 is on increasing efficiency throughout the production workflow. Zünd will demonstrate cutting system configurations that meet the rigorous productivity demands typically encountered by most print service providers on a daily basis. The software and hardware components in these configurations complement one another perfectly, while fully-automated material handling systems limit the need for manual intervention and high-performance tooling dramatically increases processing efficiencies.

The Zünd automatic sheet feeder provides a perfect example of how print service providers can easily, but dramatically increase their productivity by automating the loading of sheeted goods. Pre-printed sheets and lighter-weight board materials can be processed in a fully automated workflow with minimal operator intervention. This setup enables even high-volume jobs to be completed quickly and efficiently, without compromising flexibility.

Another highlight of Zünd’s exhibit is the G3 M-2500 tandem cutting system. In a tandem (also known as ‘pendulum’) semi-automated production workflow, loading or unloading can take place simultaneously to cutting.  While materials are manually loaded on one side of the machine, cutting or processing continues on the other, which maximises productivity by increasing throughput and reducing machine idle time.

This demonstration system is equipped with a router and the new, ultra-fast high-performance oscillating tool, the Electric Oscillating Tool – EOT-250. The EOT-250 is the ideal tool for processing substrates such as Re-board® and other thick, multi-layered or cored cardboard materials. This powerful tool is equipped with a motor drive capable of processing even the thickest, toughest materials at maximum speed.

Another highlight will be a fully automated Zünd cutting system configured for processing rolls of substrates up to 100kg (220lb). A sophisticated tension-control mechanism ensures flawless cutting of even the most challenging textiles, enabling these materials to be processed without wrinkling or stretching.

A cutter extension at the front of the machine provides an offload area that makes it possible for the cutting process to continue without interruption. Interested visitors to the stand will be able to experience for themselves how easy the system makes it to process every kind of printed substrate, be that vinyl, banners, or textiles.

All Zünd cutting solutions on display at FESPA Digital 2014 are powered by the latest version of the Zünd Cut Centre (ZCC) digital workflow suite. One of the suite’s new features is that is generates comprehensive production data with a detailed list of processing times for each job. ZCC lends itself perfectly to seamless integration in the digital printing and cutting workflow. Processing times and throughput for each job can also be sent automatically to all commonly used RIP programs, which enables print service providers to keep track of costs throughout every phase of production.

Oliver Zünd, CEO, said, ‘Print service providers are under pressure to complete more and more jobs in the least amount of time. Our modular cutting systems and software solutions are designed to meet every type of production requirement – all while delivering superior productivity and increased profitability.’

Munich is only a 2.5-hour drive from Zünd headquarters in Altstätten, Switzerland and Zünd will be providing a shuttle service to and from FESPA. Any FESPA visitors interested in expanding on their FESPA experience by taking an easy day trip to visit the Zünd facilities are cordially invited to do so. Please contact your local Zünd representative for details and reservations.

Highlights at a glance:
. Fully automated production with S3 Sheet Feeder.
. Tandem operation.
. Efficient processing of rolled materials.
. EOT-250 with special new blade design for Re-board & similar.
. Zünd Design Centre.