Xaar Announces 3D Printing Partnership

Xaar Announces 3D Printing Partnership

Xaar’s Nitrox and Aquinox printheads will be used by Lincsolution in its latest Binder Jet Metal 3D Printers as the business focuses on delivering new machines for mould, jig, automotive and mass-customisation products.

Established in South Korea in 2015, Lincsolution is a manufacturer of large-format stereolithography (SLA), fused deposition material (FDM), and Binder Jet Metal 3D printing machines. Its primary focus lies in application-driven production services in the automotive, defence and consumable sectors using its proprietary machines.

Xaar and Lincsolution have been working together for over three years and the announcement at Formnext formalises the partnership built between the businesses during this time.

Dexter Yoon, R&D Director at Lincsolution said, ‘After comparing all the printhead manufacturers, we chose to work with Xaar as their outstanding technological products and service support give real confidence to both developers and end-users.’

Xaar’s Nitrox and Aquinox printheads, together with its unique technologies, provide the reassurance and reliability demanded by Lincsolution and its customers. Printheads used with powder can be vulnerable to clogging and are continuously used in production for periods of more than 10 hours, sometimes even for several days. Thanks to their reliability and the Xaar Hydra fluid management system, the printheads provide the quality and precision that these demanding applications require.

John Mills, CEO at Xaar said, ‘We are delighted to have partnered with such an innovator as Lincsolution. 3D printing is one of the many exciting technologies for inkjet and the reliability Xaar printheads deliver make them the perfect choice for this growing sector.’


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