X-Rite And Pantone Showcasing Colour Measurement Solutions


Color iMatch Formulation Software is designed to accelerate colour development. It features a next generation match engine that delivers better colour matches in fewer steps for faster formulation times, cost savings and reduced waste for a more sustainable process.

Ci7860 Sphere Benchtop Spectrophotometer enables reflection and transmission measurements across opaque, transparent, and translucent materials to create the most accurate digital colour standards for use in formulation of colourants.

MA-5 QC Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer is the newest addition to the X-Rite family of multi-angle spectrophotometers. It is ideal for quality control of metallic and effect finishes and is 60 percent faster, 50 percent lighter and 40 percent more compact than other multi-angle devices on the market. Combined with EFX QC software, MA-5 QC ensures colour harmony across an integrated supply chain.

MetaVue VS3200 is a non-contact imaging benchtop ideal for measuring colour on powdered or liquid colourants without contamination and improves colour formulation and quality control.

VeriColor Spectro is a compact, durable inline spectrophotometer ideal for industrial manufacturing applications and can seamlessly communicate with formulation, production and quality control systems.

Color iQC Software is a unique, job-oriented colour quality control solution that streamlines colour measurement, reporting and recording to maintain a centralised, cost-efficient process. This helps to reduce waste, improve efficiency and support faster colour evaluation. These solutions will be showcased at the American Coatings Show.

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