Vic Bay Exhibits Extensive Range At Sign Africa Durban Expo

Vic Bay exhibiting extensive range at Sign Africa Durban Expo.

Vic Bay have exhibited a wide range of products at the Sign Africa Durban Expo, which took place from 7-8 February at the Durban International Convention Centre (Hall 3).

Since last year’s Durban expo, new products and colours have been introduced into the company’s existing product ranges.

New products:

  • Snap back flat peak cap – available in five colours.
  • Unisex crewnNeck sweater – available in three colours.
  • Unisex full zip jacket – available in three colours.
  • Kids hoodie – available in three colours.
  • Re-designed ladies fitted polo – available in five colours.

New Colours:

  • Unisex dry fit T-shirt is now also available in navy and royal.
  • Unisex vest and unisex V-neck T-shirt is now also available in melange.

Other product ranges to look out for at the stand include:

  • Heavyweight unisex crew neck T-shirt (available in 16 colours).
  • Lightweight unisex crew neck T-shirt (available in 11 colours).
  • Platinum unisex crew neck T-shirt (available in five colours).
  • Ladies fitted T-shirt (available in five colours).
  • Unisex V-neck T-shirt (available in 3 colours).
  • Unisex vest (available in three colours).
  • Mens polo (available in 13 colours).
  • Unisex dry fit T-shirt (available in seven colours).
  • Unisex long sleeve T-shirt (available in four colours).
  • Unisex hoodie (available in four colours).
  • Unisex Oxford jacket (available in five colours).
  • Kids crew neck T-shirt (available in 19 colours).
  • Kids polo (available in three colours).
  • Kids long sleeve T-shirt (available in four colours).
  • Five panel caps (available in 11 colours).
  • Six panel caps (available in eight colours).

For more information about the expo, and to register online, visit:

Upcoming Sign Africa expo’s include:

Cape Town: 14-15 March, Cape Town International Convention Centre.
Bloemfontein: 10 May, Ilanga Estate.
Zambia: 6-7 June, Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
Johannesburg: 12-14 September, Gallagher Convention Centre.

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