Trotec Laser South Africa Launching SpeedMarker GS1000 At FESPA Africa And Sign Africa


Trotec Laser South Africa will unveil to the South African market the Trotec SpeedMarker GS1000 galvo laser workstation at the Sign Africa and FESPA Africa expo, taking place from 7-9 September at Gallagher Convention Centre.

The Trotec GS1000 can be used for high speed paper cutting. The use of laser cutting or engraving increases the quality and selling prices of these products. Logos, individual laser cutting of names and ultra-sophisticated ornaments are possible. Any paper needing individualisation is possible on the Trotec GS1000.

The GS1000 enables you to create products that would be impossible without a laser system. Expand your range with additional services such as register-accurate contour cutting, finest geometries of engraving or perforation of printed materials. Short runs thus become highly profitable. Business cards, greeting cards, brochures and company financial statements can be cut or marked.

Register mark detection allows printed paper to be cut delicately and engraved individually. Printing deviations are detected by the SpeedMark Vision software, and the cutting path is automatically adjusted. The cutting lines always match the printing perfectly and various automation options are available. 

Trotec Laser South Africa will also be exhibiting:

– Trotec Speedy 100 flexx, a compact laser engraver that ensures maximum flexibility in your applications. Mark and engrave virtually anything, from plastics or wood to glass or metal.

– The Trotec Promarker series offers easy high speed laser marking. It has been designed for marking metal and plastic parts, such as promotional articles, gifts and dataplates.

Lynn van den Berg, Sales Director at Trodat South Africa said, ‘This year, the Trotec GS1000 presents a unique opportunity for us to show a brand new machine developed especially for high speed paper cutting.

‘The FESPA Africa show is a great platform for us to meet new customers, reach out to our existing clientele, and to showcase our product capabilities as a brand. It enables us to see various key prospects and customers at the same time, and have face-to-face interactions with them.’

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