Trodat South Africa Announces Gemini Green Modular Signage Range


Trodat SA has added the Gemini Green Modular Signage system to its extensive range of offerings. The signage system gives architects, contractors, interior designers, retailers and advertisers a customisable and fully flexible signage solution that is locally designed, manufactured, affordable and has quick turn around times.

Gemini is the culmination of over 40 years in the signage industry and it achieves the highest standards of environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness, because it uses less raw material than other products.

The signage is made to any size and shape. It is modular and customisable and maximises space interaction and engagement. Using Gemini means reducing your environmental impact manufacturing cost because it uses less aluminium and is locally manufactured.

Gemini’s local design and manufacture results in ready availability, fast implementation of design concepts and quick, simple upkeep.

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