Tormach Labs Introduces CNC Plasma Table

Tormach Labs Introduces CNC Plasma Table
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The 1300PL CNC plasma table has a solid design and uses single-phase 230 Vac power on a 20 A breaker. Because the 1300PL uses a gantry system for the CNC movement, it can cut large and flat stock with ease.

Dimensions include 127 x 130.81 x 9.9cm (X x Y x Z) and the table has a maximum feed rate of 1000 feed in inches per minute (IPM) in X and Y, and 120 IPM in Z. Plasma cutting like this requires a water table for dust control and cooling, so the 130 x 130cm table holds up to 223.3 of liquid.

The machine footprint is a bit larger, at 198.1 x 177.8cm, with 139.7cm overall height. The gantry system is servo driven, while the Z-axis uses a NEMA 23 stepper. The company is offering a full line of Hypertherm torches and consumables.

The 1300PL also provides a torch height control feature, which allows users to cut a wavy piece of metal. As the torch cuts, it can measure the arc voltage between the torch tip and the material, telling the machine if it is getting closer or farther away, and then adjusting.


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