Tilia Labs Introduces Tilia Griffin Pro Application On Enfocus Appstore

Tilia Labs Introduces Tilia Griffin Pro Application On Enfocus Appstore

Tilia Labs has introduced tilia Griffin Pro application on Enfocus Appstore as a fully self-contained Switch app. This app is available on the Enfocus Appstore for both Mac and PC and can be used as a free trial first.

The Enfocus Appstore was established to give users access to applications that were developed by the Switch User Community around the world. In line with the company’s commitment to openness and collaboration with customers and partners, it has been continuously updated since its launch in 2016 to address new developments, knowledge and experience. For Tilia Labs, contributing to the Enfocus Appstore brings very real benefits for print providers as well as the developer.

‘Most print providers would benefit immensely from fast, intelligent imposition but they often don’t know the capabilities exist,’ explains Sagen de Jonge, CEO of Tilia Labs. ‘Many wide format printers, for example, are still relying on the proprietary software that came bundled with their machines. They want to find ways to produce faster and more efficient nesting, tiling, and ganged jobs to maximise substrate usage, but don’t necessarily know where to start. Via the Enfocus Appstore, they can now get instant access to tilia Griffin’s powerful automatic layout capabilities.’

Tilia Labs presents Griffin as a powerful cross-platform, automatic layout solution for wide format printers, designed from the outset for simplicity. At its core is Tilia Labs’ flagship Phoenix nesting engine which provides the ability to search across millions of combinations in minutes to find the most cost-effective, tightly-nested layouts. tilia Griffin is vendor neutral and designed to provide the same efficiencies with virtually all printing machines and cutting tables.

To re-configure Griffin’s feature-rich content into the format of a fully self-contained Switch app, while also maintaining its hallmark simplicity, Tilia Labs has designed the app with a ‘Basic’ mode and an ‘Advanced’ mode. This approach provides users with a very easy and quick way to get started while offering the ability to scale up as more capabilities are required.

De Jonge added, ‘Every feature in the app can be driven with variables and script expressions, making it highly dynamic and enabling users to handle a wide range of work with more simplified, adaptive Switch flows.’

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