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The Media Shack exhibited the new iWalker at the Markex Expo, which took place from 11-13 June. The iWalker is the world’s first, fully mobile and self sufficient media system that promotes meaningful customer engagement with the metrics and returns to justify budgets and promote better ROI and ‘Value’ driven returns.

UK based NomadiX Media recently secured an exclusive partnership agreement with The Media Shack agency in South Africa.

Human interaction by brand ambassadors accentuates your brands’ features and benefits.

The device analyses the audience and delivers laser targeted content and messages, based on real-time data. This is specifically aimed to suit the viewer’s age and agenda or react to their habitat.

It provides real-time quantitative and qualitative data on live audiences. Those advertising metrics allow marketers to evaluate their return on objectives for brand owners to analyse their return on investment. NomadiX software allows the iWalker to report on real time audiences and give accurate audience measurement.

The iWalker can account for the number of people that looked at the screen and evaluate the length of time a viewer has spent looking at the content (dwell time), while the attention time is calculated by the time each viewer spends actively looking at the point of interest. It also provided report by gender – the proportion of men/women that have looked at the content. Furthermore, their age range will also be identified.

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