STIXO-Signage Supplies

The company showcased a wide range profitable business opportunities, including items produced using sublimation print systems and U-Print corporate gift and dipping systems.

Whether you are looking for a small inexpensive home/hobby system or a low cost professional system, the company has a sublimation system to suit your needs. With sublimation systems, you can print on t-shirts, caps, ceramic plates and tiles, mugs, mouse pads, paper memo cubes, jigsaw puzzles, lettering, kit bags. jeans, takkies, belts, sweatbands, plaques, mirrors, coated metals and other miscellaneous fabrics and material.

The U-Print system is a digital way of printing full colour onto virtually any rigid substrate, without the use of heat and without needing to purchase any pre-coated substrates. Items which could in the past only be printed by technologies such as pad printing or rotary screen printing can now be digitally decorated.

The system’s main features are that it is cheap to operate and easy to use. It handles round objects with ease and it suits gift companies who want to break into the SME market which traditionally needs fewer units or to supply custom printed merchandise at higher prices for specific corporate events. The process works by printing images onto a special film,  transferring it onto the item and spraying it with a protective and hardening cure.

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