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The company, which exhibited at drupa for the first time, launched its innovative d-cube roll-to-roll UV coating solution and demonstrated its innovative UV coating and curing solutions for a wide range of applications at drupa.

The d-cube fits perfectly in roll-fed production workflows for a wide range of applications where double sided coating is required. The d-cube will be available in maximum widths ranging from 52 cm to 102 cm, capable of coating materials 50 to 250 microns in thickness.

It offers unseen productivity advantages, running at production speeds up to 250m per minute, matching the production speeds of conventional, digital and hybrid web-fed presses. The system allows different varnishes to be used on either side of the web and varnish application rollers which can be customised to enable spot-varnish applications.

‘We are very excited to see the many new developments in digital print towards larger formats and higher quality, and we are proud to be able to respond to these developments and offer the best suited solution for UV coating for many, if not all of these newly announced print solutions,’ said Tony Michiels, CEO of Tec Lighting EMEA. ‘Our current track record shows that our customers have proven to be highly successful in adding value to the prints they generate and sell. The added value of Print-On-Demand on itself is quickly fading as customers get used to the possibilities and more providers become available. High quality UV coating of print is adding value well above the typical margins related to POD and helps printers grow their business.’

The company also showcased  a cost-effective high speed duplex coating solution using its proprietary STD: Sheet Turner Device system. ‘The principle is easy to understand,’ said Michiels. ‘Two high speed, single sided sheetfed UV coaters are placed in-line coupled by our innovative sheet turning solution. This allows for the coated sheets to rest and cure while being turned, prior to entering the second coater. All this happens in a smooth process without any loss in production speed.’

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