Sun Chemical Showcasing Wide Format Ink Solutions And More


Streamline MBS, an eco-solvent ink series for Mimaki BS series printers, is based on Sun chemical’s HPQ-LO, low odour, Greenguard Gold certified, chemistry platform to comply with strict indoor emissions regulations.

While Sun Chemical will offer Streamline MBS in a two litre, degassed MBIS pouch pack format (using Sun Chemical/DIC Separel® technology). The company will also be promoting Streamline MBS inks on its stand with the Ecoprociss display, Sun Chemical’s own MBIS compatible ink-feed system.

Streamline APY (Aqua Poster Y) is the company’s aqueous ink series for high-speed, industrial poster printing on presses with Kyocera printheads. Offering significant ink consumption savings compared to competitive aqueous inks, Streamline APY’s innovative chemistry allows for easier press start-up and reduced operator supervision, improving productivity. Streamline APY is also faster curing, so that dryer unit temperatures can be reduced, resulting in further savings in energy consumption.

Screen/industrial/electronic materials

SunHytek® are heat and humidity-resistant ink solutions for high-tech, appliance panel and automotive applications, where a combination of high visual impact and long-term durability is required.

SunPromo® are solvent and UV-curing inks for a wide range of screen graphic applications, including point of purchase and advertising displays, that offer superior adhesion and fast cure speeds over a wide variety of substrates.

SunPoly® are screen inks formulated for high-speed screen printing on a variety of container substrates.


The global inkjet brand of Sun Chemical and DIC, SunJet, will demonstrate its most recent developments in inkjet chemistry and its ability to collaborate on development projects with OEM partners, system integrators and printhead manufacturers for current and future applications across a number of market sectors, including graphics, décor, textile, industrial and packaging.

Separel®, DIC’s proprietary hollow fibre membrane technology for the degassing of inkjet ink delivers consistently smooth printing, reduced substrate and ink waste. The technology lowers printer cleaning costs and reduces printer cleaning times. Unlike traditional microfiltration membranes, SEPAREL hollow fiber membranes significantly reduce inkjet ink evaporation during degasification and can degasify inkjet ink at any parts per billion (ppb) level.

Sun Chemical will highlight the full range of products acquired from Sensient, including Xennia® Amethyst, Xennia® Agate and ElvaJet® Opal as well as the recently launched ElvaJet Coral, which offers an environmentally low impact solution for textiles by printing directly to polyester with significant reductions in waste, water, energy and CO2 emissions when compared to other digital processes. The portfolio is complemented with Sun Chemical’s high performance digital pigment inks for textile that offer the very highest standards in colour, fastness and print performance. These will all be showcased at FESPA 2021.