GE Current Unveils New Lighting Solution For Sign Makers

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The latest addition to the company’s 24-volt retail and signage lighting portfolio is a Cuttable Light Bar (CLB) that offers retail designers and sign makers greater creative freedom to enhance the customer’s in-store experience with light.

Complementing the company’s popular Rigid Light Bar (RLB), the 1162mm Select TX™ Cuttable Light Bar features 14 Samsung LED chips and can be cut every 83mm, allowing designers to create illuminated signage and displays that fit their vision, rather than being restricted by the dimensions of the available lighting. It can also be tailored to suit up to 14 different lengths, allowing designers to use the exact number of LEDs required for each unit, reducing unnecessary waste and accelerating installation times.

Designed for indoor signage, displays and experiential retail environments, each individual module within the Select TX™ CLB distributes the light from the LED across a wide 160-degree angle, creating a beautifully smooth, uniform illumination of box displays as shallow as 50-60mm. The high-quality Samsung LEDs deliver pure, white light with a colour temperature similar to daylight (6500K) and a colour rendering index (CRI) above 80, ensuring that any brand colours used in the display or advertisements are completely true, for a stunning effect.

As part of Current’s 24V family of lighting solutions, the Select TX™ CLB is designed to be flexible, efficient and highly reliable, reducing ongoing energy consumption and maintenance costs across the life of the installation. The superior build quality, featuring aluminium PCBs for enhanced thermal dissipation and longer LED life, also help to ensure a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Universal connectors at both ends and wiring accessories that are also compatible with Current’s wider range of Rigid Light Bars make it easy to link shorter lengths or individual modules to full-length CLBs for larger light boxes. Retailers can be more creative when designing new customer experiences, using light to direct the customer journey through a store, highlight key products, or deliver in-store marketing campaigns in a way that drives loyalty and long-term revenue.


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