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Sun Chemical has teamed up with T+ink to form T+sun, an organisation that will provide conductive ink solutions, engage customers and manage inventory systems.

Drawing from the global resources of Sun Chemical, including the company’s electronic materials, packaging and brand protection groups, T+sun will use Sun Chemical’s global R&D, technical support, manufacturing infrastructure, supply chain, marketing and sales.

T+ink brings patented technologies that replace switches, wires, buttons, speakers, lights, sensors, microphones, antennas and batteries with printed ink for touch and motion-activated applications.

Felipe Mellado, chief marketing officer, Sun Chemical, said, ‘T+ink’s technology creates a dynamic opportunity for our customers. The innovation we provide through our own research and development, and through strategic partnerships with T+ink and others, can give our customers a complete solution that enables best-in-class packaging designs worldwide now and in the future.’

‘This partnership will be on the front lines of making objects smart and interactive,’ said Terry Kaiserman, chief technology officer, T+ink. ‘T+sun will provide a fundamentally new way for brands to communicate, engage consumers, manage inventory and more. Conductive ink replaces RFID codes at a fraction of the cost and offers more security than QR codes.’

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