Summa Textile And Soft Signage Laser Cutter Honoured For High Productivity

Summa Textile And Soft Signage Laser Cutter Honoured For High Productivity

With the L3214 laser cutter, Summa eliminates companies’ struggles with slow conventional knife cutting machines. It covers a 3.2m (10’ 5”) width and can be considered a true game-changer in the processing of textiles and applications in soft signage.

Summa nv is honoured to have received the 2020 EDP Award for its L3214 Laser cutter in the category of best digital wide format cutting solution. On December 7, 2020, this year’s EDP Awards 2020 were handed over in an online presentation to a total of 29 winners, whose products convinced the jury of the European Digital Press Association (EDP).

The EDP Awards are Europe’s only technology assessment in the industry and represent an open competition for all products announced and launched in the market within a year. The winners are selected by a commission of experts (the EDP technical committee), who evaluate the submitted products according to criteria such as innovation, quality, performance and cost. Due to these strict criteria, there are no voting or other public votes. It is about technical criteria, not popularity. This is the only way EDP can guarantee that manufacturers’ achievements in developing new technologies will be recognised.

The EDP awards are evaluated in many ways. Important is not only the device or software itself but also the impact of the product on people and users. The change it has made in the marketplace due to technology and integration has become an important part of the 2020 awards. ‘Products have been judged not only on innovation but also on a better price, ease of use or even a clever solution that was added to a current product. Also, this year, market trends and customer needs were considered. We believe that this year’s winners with the solutions they offer are truly outstanding in their field,’ said Mike Horsten, Neo-jury member of the EDP jury.

The jury particularly noted and awarded the high productivity of the Summa L3214, that enables customers to speed up their cutting workflow while keeping its quality standards high. The degree of productivity this machine is capable of is shown in the ability to cut 400sqm/hour when processing a typical cutting job.

Even at its high production speed, a motorised de-reeler makes sure there is no fabric distortion or fraying while cutting. The system secures a constant and stable fabric feed onto the vacuum cutting bed. Thanks to advanced camera technology and on-the-fly cutting process, this laser cutter multiplies the productivity of any other cutting solution in the market. Fast and accurate, the L3214 is bound to change the go-to-market strategy for applications in soft signage, home decoration, sportswear and fashion.


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