Summa Addressing Technical Textile Market With Product Showcases

Summa showcasing diverse product range.

Summa will display two laser innovations for textile materials: the Graphixscan 500 laser machine and the L1810 Vision laser system. Both laser systems will be demonstrated continuously to show the quality, processing and accuracy Summa products deliver when handling textiles.

To illustrate its versatility with other sign substrates, Summa will also display its smallest flatbed finishing size: the F1612, a handy and reliable solution for short-run, on-demand sign jobs. Summa will showcase these innovations at JEC World 2019, which will take place 12-14 March in Paris, France. The presence of Summa at the show is the first step towards the (technical) textile market after the acquisition of CadCam Technology. Although Summa is a new brand to the industry, the company brings a lot of expertise with CadCam Technology in the team.

‘Summa expands its boundaries by addressing the technical textile market. Whether suppliers are aiming for high volume and high speed or short-run, on-demand laser, cut or finishing solutions, Summa has a broad portfolio and extensive expertise to bring to the flatbed table. At the booth, we want to put our expertise to good use and advise visitors on the best solution for their current and even future needs, so they too can experience an increase in profit, quality and cost optimisation,’ said Geert Pierloot, general manager CCT at Summa.

Designs come in all shapes, sizes and textures. To accurately engrave, etch and cut materials, such as leather, denim, upholstery, automotive textiles, polyester and fleece, users need a reliable laser technology that secures complete accuracy and flexibility. The Summa Graphixscan 500 laser machine deploys a mirror-based galvo laser system to decorate just about any surface meticulously. It is the solution of choice for anyone looking to perfectly produce images, text, logos and textures onto a wide variety of materials at high speed.

High-production environments with automation workflows for the processing of printed textiles can rely on the Summa L1810 Vision laser system. This laser’s advanced vision system scans the material instantly and automatically creates a cut vector. This allows for on-the-fly-cutting, even when the conveyor is moving, considerably reducing idle periods. The system has also become wildly popular for the cutting of all sorts of raw materials, used in the composite industry, such as carbon fibres, composites, thermoset and thermoplastics, ensuring the highest level in finish quality at all times.

Short-term, on-demand prototyping is all the rage for companies looking to excel in getting creative projects to the market faster. That’s why Summa is also displaying its smallest F Series flatbed finishing system, the F1612. Its modular head and various features secure the easiest and smoothest workflows when it comes to processing innovative signage, samples, packaging applications and more. The F1612 comes with an ever-increasing arsenal of tools and optional add-ons, to ensure endless finishing solutions.

Pierloot highlights the primary goal of the company’s participation in JEC World 2019, ‘Our S Class 2 and SummaCut roll cutter Series and our F Series flatbed finishing systems, are renowned for their accuracy and versatility in the sign making market. By expanding our range with our new L Series laser systems, we want to extend our quality and accuracy promise to the garment, garment embellishment and textile industries. At JEC World we’ll find all experts in these fields, and we look forward to mingling with visitors, customers, partners, prospects and industrial leaders. We hope they will experience first-hand how our extended portfolio delivers versatile solutions for better business profitability.’


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