Solimar Systems Releases New Version Of PDF Optimisation Solution

Solimar Systems Releases New Version Of PDF Optimisation Solution

ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™ 9.2 offers many enhancements to its current features and new additions to boost functionality and improve user experience. These improvements include a streamlined configuration, additional discard object options, ReadyPDF job property variables, expanded optimisation settings, pre-defined modes for various activities, greater optimisation report functionality, and the addition of a new preflight mode.

With a focus on user experience, ReadyPDF 9.2 includes updates to its user interface that simplify the set-up and configuration of jobs. The configuration now has multiple options for users to select pre-configured optimisation settings that aid in onboarding new work and boosting productivity.

The new Preflight Mode in ReadyPDF can detect certain characteristics, such as missing or subset fonts, and will apply appropriate optimisations. It also identifies and removes redundant and unnecessary resources, such as empty XObjects, which increases processing speeds and shrinks file sizes.

Another new ReadyPDF 9.2 feature includes a Job Redirection function that detects certain characteristics within a PDF, such as font and color properties, and can reroute those to specific configuration profiles designed to optimise those characteristics.

Also notable is the Discard Objects option in version 9.2. Discard Objects is designed to remove unnecessary information for the presentation or viewing of the document. Additional discardable options have been added to further decrease file sizes and create simpler documents. These objects include unused images, unused forms, invisible text, pop up annotations, and more.


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