Signage And Painting Craftmanship Company Invest In swissQprint Flatbed Printer

Signage And Painting Craftmanship Company Invest In swissQprint Flatbed Printer

STO Print Production in Poland recently commissioned a swissQprint Nyala 3 that it expects to deliver enhanced production, flexibility and continued growth.

Services provided by STO Print Production are based on two cornerstones: signage and painting craftsmanship. With this combined approach, the company implements high-calibre individual decorative concepts – mainly for the retail trade (with the focus on the point of sale), hotels, restaurants and other catering outlets, but also for business clients in various sectors – either via the trade or directly.

STO Print Production outsourced board printing in the past. But as volume soared in recent years, Jan Köster, CEO and owner of STO Print Production, had growing doubts about the cost effectiveness of this concept. ‘Nyala 3 gives us flexibility and expertise,’ he noted, adding, ‘Now we can continue to develop and grow.’ Thanks to in-house production, STO Print Production aims to develop novel applications and to build up cooperation alliances with partner companies in the advertising technology sector and industry in general. Köster very much appreciates the support of Scorpio, swissQprint’s longstanding partner, as an experienced local point of contact, ‘STO Print, swissQprint and Scorpio are a perfect match.’

To use every possibility and expand roll to roll printing capacity, STO Print Production had its swissQprint flatbed printer equipped with various options: thanks to the roll to roll option, for instance, banners with widths of up to 3.2 metres can be printed, and the dual roll option opens up possibilities for wallpaper or films. The team is already making use of the extra inks white, varnish and primer to achieve optical and haptic effects on wallpaper and transparent media, or for printing on glass.

The priorities at STO Print Production are optimum quality and customer centricity. The precision printer fits these priorities. ‘We’re highly satisfied with the system and felt that we made the right decision right from day one,’ said Köster.

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