Screentec Showcases Tag Printers, Dryers, Glitters And Inks At Sign Africa And FESPA Africa Expo

Screentec showcases tag printers, dryers, glitters, inks and more at Sign Africa and FESPA Africa Expo.
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KZN based Screentec, along with partner Rep-Tech, showcased a number products at the FESPA Africa and Sign Africa expo, held at Gallagher Convention Centre from 12-14 September.

Highlights included:

Screentec’s ASPE RapidTag high volume tag printing system, which is used for printing on small surface areas of garments, providing a wider range of printing possibilities. The machine can be modified to adapt to any printing application process.

Rep-Tech’s dryers of different sizes were on display. They are designed according to the users’ volume and power requirements, and can be easily moved and handled, with simple to use controls. The machines are also renowned for their cost-saving aspects, and are locally manufactured.

Complementing the printing system and dryers were a range of glitters and inks on display, as well as a flock applicator gun. Rep-Tech owner Dean Dupen described the expo as very successful, with a lot of interest from countries outside of South Africa, such as Ghana and Zambia.

SCREENTEC 031 700 8638

REP-TECH 084 556 3358

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