Screenline South Africa Is First Optimus Dash MIS User Worldwide


Following the highly successful African launch of the new dash Sales Manager at FESPA Africa, Optimus has announced that Screenline is the first Optimus dash MIS user worldwide to take delivery of the new module.

Specialising in outdoor and indoor screen and digital advertising solutions, Screenline provides printed brand activation services for some of Africa’s leading corporate and small businesses. Screenline also partners with top advertising agencies who require printing of the highest quality for their clients.

Screenline has agreed to become the first beta site for the new module. Screenline Managing Director Neil de Greef said, ‘We see this as a valuable addition to our Optimus dash MIS in enabling our Sales Team to use the data within dash to see all information pertaining to existing clients, while also being able to track and trace activity with prospective clients. The diary is invaluable as there is full transparency on where the Sales Team are and who they are visiting. The addition of Sales Budgets within dash Sales Manager is also welcome, as this gives us the ability to set budgets by customer and Sales Rep and compare against what is actually achieved.’

Nicola Bisset, Optimus Group Managing Director said ‘We are delighted that Screenline immediately identified the benefits of the new dash Sales Manager. We are very excited that such a dynamic and progressive company has agreed to become a beta site; this means they will have direct input and influence into the evolvement of the dash Sales Manager Module.

‘At Optimus, we have a long history of involving key customers in our development process. Indeed, the original Optimus MIS, was developed back in the last 1970’s with a beta user and we have continued the successful combination of beta sites with both dash MIS in 2010 (KGK Print – UK) and Cloud Mobile (Anglo Printers – Ireland) in 2012. Optimus solutions are developed after extensive research and feedback from our worldwide customers and some of the best ideas come from our Customers.’

‘We are so pleased we are able to partner with Screenline. Our South African customers are always ready and willing to embrace the newest features available in our software while also being prepared to commit to helping us define our solutions. We will be working closely with Screenline’s Kenny Arundel (Senior Account Manager) and Lee-Ann Brown (Estimating) and look forward to their feedback.’

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