Screen And Caldera Unleash Power Of The Truepress Jet 3200UV HS


Five companies placed orders for the Screen Truepress Jet 3200UV HS after its début at FESPA Digital in Munich and each specified Caldera as the RIP to drive it.

The Truepress Jet 3200UV HS, featuring six colours plus white, is manufactured by Screen subsidiary Inca Digital. The company’s experience in engineering outstanding productivity solutions for a wide range of interior and exterior applications, including retail, signage and décor, is reflected in this High Speed (HS) model.

Truepress inks guarantee a broad colour gamut, even on heat-sensitive and other tricky media. For British wide-format house Lexon Group, these features were key to sustain its 40 percent growth over the last three years. Its 150sqm/hour top print speed will complement two existing Truepress Jet 2500UV to expand its output capabilities and retain profitability.

Screen now offers printers the choice of four Truepress solutions, each of which delivers superb flexibility, reliability and a rapid return on investment. But while Screen’s engineering is paramount to make these options commercially compelling, the part played by the front-end RIP software is every bit as critical in today’s increasingly complex, multi-faceted print production environment. Not only must the RIP generate the precise colour information, job tracking, imposition and finishing control required by the modern print house, but it must do so for a multitude of devices and across an abundance of media types.

Although Screen supports all mainstream front-end software options, Caldera scores consistently high amongst its users with ease of use and powerful functionality being cited as reasons choosing the Screen/Caldera combination. In addition, the ability of GrandRIP+ to process one file while another is printing is a great way to maximise the Truepress’ blistering output speed as well as making the most the operator’s time. This rapid data processing is vital to ensure efficiency throughout the production environment.

Screen users can also choose a number of modules to help exploit the full functionality of the Truepress Jet 3200UV Series. EasyMedia, for example, allows users to specify the colour gamut for any print configuration with a given media, and incorporates X-Rite’s i1Prism V2 state-of-the-art profile builder. Its step-by-step wizard calibrates transition, linearisation and ink use, enabling printers to fine-tune their colour processing for exceptional stability and consistency when translating files for output.

‘Caldera is proud to support the Screen Truepress range, and the 3200UV in particular,’ said Jeremy Spencer, OEM Director, Caldera. ‘Wide-format printers around the world are using the Truepress series to create lush output for a range of situations, from corporate fit-out to retail and fine art. We’re here to make sure they’re equipped to harness the full power of this fantastic engine, no matter what their production requirements.’

Screen’s vice president of sales, Bui Burke, is equally positive about the benefits of the Screen Truepress Jet W3200UV being used in conjunction with the Caldera software, ‘With a top speed of 150 metres per hour, we need a RIP that can optimise our press’ performance and with Caldera we are confident that this can be achieved. Plus, our customers appreciate Caldera’s strong pan-European network which gives them fast-response front-end support whenever they need it’.

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