Safeguard Your Car’s Painted Surfaces With Xtreme Paint Protection Film

Front Cover Feature- Safeguard Your Car’s Painted Surfaces With Xtreme Paint Protection Film

Avery Dennison’s new Supreme PPF Xtreme film will empower vehicle owners to safeguard their investment against the impact of tough environmental conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is the front cover article for the latest issue of Sign Africa Journal.

‘Innovation and the constant development and evolution of material and global requirements are key to ensure that our customers’ needs are met,’ said Lindy van Moerkerken, Business Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions.

‘The next step is providing our customers with the technologically advanced, premium paint protection film, Supreme PPF Xtreme, that will be available from January 2023.’

Throughout the product development stage, the Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions team globally engaged with its installer community to deliver a film that not only protects against impacts from road debris and environmental contamination, but that also installs efficiently.

‘Delivering on both product performance and ease of installation will result in a refined and high quality finish. The new Supreme PPF Xtreme exceeds the required balance of conformability and adhesive tack, assisting installers to achieve fast and efficient installation timeously,’ added van Moerkerken.

This film is a virtually invisible ultra gloss, non-yellowing and self-healing polyurethane film that enhances a car’s appearance and helps preserve its resale value.

Built on the foundation of Avery Dennison’s top-of-the-range paint protection film, Supreme PPF X5, the new Supreme PPF Xtreme is a step forward in performance with an extended 10-year warranty across all zones, optimised installation performance, and enhanced self-healing and stain resistance. The film is a great addition to the already available matte and neo black film.

When receiving your material, ensure you obtain the warranty hanger needed for your customer.

The new film is available through authorised Avery Dennison Graphic Solutions distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Specialist Partner and Certified Installers

Creating awareness for the industry around Avery Dennison’s Specialist Partner and Certified Installer network in Sub-Saharan Africa is prevalent in growing and understanding the value of local support by a manufacturer such as Avery Dennison.

Being a Partner with Avery Dennison comes with a host of benefits and provides a clear distinction in the industry. As a Partner, you are listed on their websites under the ‘Find a Converter and Installer’ section, which allows any interested and potential customer to see the variety of work the converter/ installer company provides and for ease of contacting these partners.

At the same time, the local team will clearly indicate in which fields the company specialises, providing valuable insights to potential customers. Furthermore, any converter or installer requests from end users will be directed to the listed partners in a specific geographical region and area of expertise. Partners also qualify for a higher tier on the ICS Warranty Portal, which enables them to draw on the assistance from Avery Dennison when dealing with warranty support in the unlikely event that this might occur.

In addition to this, the Partners are also the first in line of contact when the launch of new products, or testing of new materials, are available. This affords these companies the ability to be industry pioneers, when new products or enhancements are made. Becoming a Partner follows a formal process of auditing and approval of process and material handling. The companies and individuals are subjected to in-depth assessment and testing to ensure the standards of converting and installation using Avery Dennison products are met to uphold the performance at Global Graphics Industry standards.

It is critical that Avery Dennison recommendations and installation standards are met before the company or installer is certified as part of the network and can join the #AveryDennisonFamily. Get in touch with Avery Dennison and differentiate your business with the select Partner Network in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

The ICS warranties cover the following tiers in product warranties in line with converter partners:

Standard sales terms and conditions: all customers buying Avery Dennison material

Avery Dennison’s unparalleled commitment to quality ensures that every product they produce is designed, engineered and manufactured to the specification required for a broad variety of end applications. This general product quality guarantee ensures that their products are delivered in accordance with the agreed specifications and to a consistently high quality.

ICS Performance Guarantee: all customers that have access to the ICS Warranty Portal and create ICS Warranties

The ICS Performance Guarantee assures the performance of Avery Dennison’s films with a wide range of qualified components and printer platforms. This is a result of many years of joint development work with industry leading printer, ink and clear coat manufacturers – and will continue to expand as new products are introduced to the market.

The ICS Performance Guarantee is provided to all customers upon the mutual agreement between the customer and Avery Dennison, on the understanding that they are working according to the relevant Avery Dennison Technical Bulletins associated with that product.

ICS Platinum Warranty: exclusive to Avery Dennison Specialist Converters and Certified Installers

The ICS Platinum Warranty provides ultimate peace of mind to the end-user for even the most demanding applications, and is customised for individual Graphics projects.

This Platinum Warranty programme combines a specification process with specialised graphics converters and installers – to provide the highest level of quality and ultimate performance of the finished applied graphic. The Platinum Warranty is available upon a mutual agreement between the customer and Avery Dennison only. For more information and gaining access to the Portal, reach out to your Avery Dennison Sub-Saharan Africa team.

Sub-Saharan Africa Training Workshops

Practical workshops are the keystone of the latest trends and innovations in terms of application techniques and developments. The Avery Dennison Knowledge Centre, based in Johannesburg, offers a multi-faceted facility, providing training on different levels and on a variety of topics.

These range from Architectural Wrapping (at surfaces, glass and furniture) to vehicle wrapping and the niche installation of Solar Window Films.

The training considers different job descriptions, from designers to sales, installers and even business owners. At the same time, the necessary steps have been taken to become more sustainable in reducing the use of paper, in all aspects from registration to promoting training information.

While Avery Dennison have all this available currently, the facility further offers the flexibility to allow Avery Dennison Sub-Saharan Africa to host customer days for product launches or information sessions. There are plans to reach out to the extended network across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The future is very promising with interesting product developments and knowledge to be gained and shared. The consideration of leading industry specialist collaboration for the local business community is also on the cards. Lunch is also included in the workshops.

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