STIXO-Signage Supplies

The Sign Africa RoadShow sponsor showcased the VersaUV LEF-12, which allows users to print on 3D objects and extends the realm of your printing from flat substrates to the third dimension, as well as the VersaStudio BN-20 desktop inkjet printer/cutter.  

The VersaUV LEF-12 allows you to print on 3D objects with a height of up to 100 mm (3.94”). Taking full advantage of Roland’s printing knowhow, the printer enables you to create added-value personalisation and originality to a vast range of popular consumer items.

The integrated UV-LED lamp instantly cures ink during printing so it can print directly onto materials such as PET, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, PS and other plastics, as well as papers and card stocks. The flatbed construction of the printer automatically adjusts the distance between the print-head and the surface of the material for optimum printing results. 

The BN-20 is a powerful, yet compact printer and includes everything you need to print and cut high quality durable graphics right at your desktop. Add stunning metallic effects which are perfect for premium brands. Display your graphics indoors or out for lasting impact. A complete low-cost solution, the BN-20 is a great investment for your growing business.

The machine allows you to print graphics up to size A2 or 480 mm wide (18.9”), including crop marks for easy finishing. Featuring its own print management and design software, the BN-20 is a complete business solution in a box.

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