Roland hosted its African Dealer Awards in Mombasa Kenya. Sign Africa was there to attend the ceremony, held on 1 December, at which it was given the Roland Africa Rigel Award 2012 for ‘inspiring and developing a diverse industry that keeps the forces of energy flowing’.

Other award winners included:

The Roland Africa Sirius Award 2012
Maizey Plastics, South Africa, for consistent and solid value to Roland users throughout Southern Africa. The brightest star in the Roland Accessory Dealer Category, as well as best overall performing dealer.

The Roland Africa Canopus Award 2012
Indisol of Cape Town, South Africa, for their consistent performance and constant energy as a Full Service Dealer.

The Roland Africa Alpha Centauri Award 2012
X-sign Professional, Angola, for their pure energy at creating a winning combination of technical expertise and marketing inspiration that has the Angolans reaching for the stars.

The Roland Africa Arcturus Award 2012
X-sign Professional, Angola, for explosive growth, and unlimited energy in exposing Angolans to the potential of Roland in liberating them on a path of creating their own wealth.

The Roland Africa Vega award 2012
WIP, South Africa, for exceptional growth, and great customer care.

The Roland Africa Capella 1 award 2012
Transpaper, Tanzania, for its consistent massive year on year growth.

The Roland Capella 2 award 2012
Maxes Office Machines, Namibia, for amazing growth in a low population density country.

The Roland Africa Procyon Award 2012
Emirates computers, United Arab Emirates, a contributor to Roland’s success by force of circumstance. They have shown they are adaptable and clever.

The Roland Africa Quasar Award 2012
Telpro Durban, South Africa, for consistent growth and getting on with the job.