‘Township Media Specialists’, Keys Communications, gives brands access to the growing township market and ensures growth and upliftment in the communities it serves. The township outdoor media owners give big brands/products and services access, positioning and noting in South African Townships. This is done through High Definition production finishes on township wall media.

Established in July 2009, the company is the brainchild of owner Anisa Kale and Kabelo Kale. Anisa had a mission to occupy all township streets with the relevant marketing from big brands that want to access the township growth market.

The company has done work for Nike SA, Supersport , Nedbank, Wimpy, Nestle  (JV with another Agency), the Department of Water Affairs, Strepsils, Coca Cola SA (Powerplay Energy Drink), Guinness Draught Beer, Eskom and AMKA’s Soft n Free GroHealthy.
Keys Communications uplifts communicates through the Keys Communications CSI Model (Assets Based Community Development Model) that uses existing township walls for advertising purposes, which results in income for the use of the wall empowering brands to empower communities.
The giant outdoor layouts, including wall wraps, township house wall media, boundary wraps, and other alternative outdoor advertising offerings draws attention to products and ensures that brands stand out.
The business helps budding artists by displaying their talent to the public and the organisations that have bought wall space for advertising. This has helped improve the image of township walls all over the country and in return for the advertising space, Keys Communications pays home owners selected for advertising on their properties.
‘In this way we give back to the community. There is freedom in owning your own company, said Anisa. ‘It is also difficult because income is not always stable and changes according to how well Keys has performed during that month, but I stay driven, passionate and motivated because of the support of the people around me, and my husband, Kabelo.’
Kabelo is a communications strategist and contributes his expertise to the business as a knowledgeable professional.

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