Roland DG Announces Leadership Changes


Roland DG Corporation announced that long-time Representative Director, Chairman and President Masahiro Tomioka, will step down from the position of President, and Hidenori Fujioka, Director and Executive Vice President of the company, will assume that role. Tomioka will continue as Representative Director, Chairman of the company.

The change is subject to the resolution at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the 35th Business Term and the following Board of Directors’ meeting, both to be held on 24 March 2016.

During his thirty-year tenure as President, Tomioka spearheaded the transformation of Roland DG from a manufacturer of pen plotters to 3D desktop fabrication tools, vinyl cutters and wide-format inkjet printers while achieving worldwide sales leadership with high profitability. To ensure future sales growth, he recently tapped into the company’s inkjet and 3D technologies to expand into the on-demand digital printing and health care industries. He was also responsible for promoting the company’s innovative GlobalOne plan, which unified R&D with sales and marketing as one group and leveraged the company’s talent globally to respond faster to market changes.

The announcement comes as Roland DG implements a new mid-term business plan for 2016-2020 and a new organisational structure to facilitate new business development. ‘As we look toward the next thirty years, we aim to use the GlobalOne platform to drive sustainable growth and create multiple pillars of business to meet the needs of the coming era,’ Tomioka said. ‘I believe Fujioka’s extensive knowledge of industry-leading
technologies and his track record of creating high-value solutions for a wide variety of markets will allow the company to quickly adapt its business model and accelerate its growth.’

Since joining Roland DG, Fujioka has earned acclaim for strengthening and diversifying the company’s ink, inkjet print head, 3D and UV technologies to enable the company to quickly develop a variety of new products and solutions that deliver added value. ‘These are exciting times at Roland DG and I am honoured to serve as President,’ Fujioka said. ‘Roland DG offers a sophisticated product line with a passionate culture and family spirit. While upholding its corporate culture and spirit, I intend to turn the company into a more progressive and innovative organisation to achieve sustainable growth.

‘My goal is to shift our business to a new digital era model that will serve as a foundation for the next big leap in growth by capitalising on our GlobalOne business platform. Together, we will unlock the full potential of our employees worldwide in order to realise new market creation with products and services that exceed customer expectations.’

Fujioka joined the company in 2014 from RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION, a manufacturer of copying and printing machines, where, as Director, he oversaw the development of the world’s fastest colour inkjet cut sheet printers along with advanced technological features tailored specifically for business needs. Previously, he worked for Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) for 25 years, including six years as President of its subsidiary, SII Data Service Corp., where he oversaw the integration of profitable service components to core offerings, such as providing support services for terminals that meet payment settlement needs.

As President for SII Printek Inc., another subsidiary of SII and a manufacturer of inkjet print heads, he succeeded in making the company profitable within the first year. He also worked for four years as the Vice President of product management of Seiko Instruments USA, a sales subsidiary of SII, as well as Vice President of product development for Seiko Instruments Development, the US software development subsidiary of SII.

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