Röchling Announces Expansion Of Haren Facility

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Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG has announced a new building to accommodate the company’s growth, with emphasis on R&D initiatives, international visitors as well as exhibitions.

The company has invested in the expansion of the location in Haren. With the ‘Industrial Centre’ a new building is being built, which will, above all, strengthen Röchling’s powers of innovation. The research and development department ‘Corporate R&D’ will move into new offices in the ‘Industrial Centre’ and, with the new opportunities, will be focusing its work on the development of new and innovative products. The Industrial Centre will be finished later in 2020.

Franz Lübbers, member of the management board and CEO Röchling Industrial explained, ‘We want to remain the global innovation leader in plastics. We are investing almost R142,5 million (9 million euros) into the infrastructure at the Haren location, of which almost R126,7 million (8 million euros) will be in the Industrial Centre. This will set the course for further growth.’

The new ‘Industrial Center’ will be receiving an impressive entrance area in which guests from all over the world can in future be welcomed at Röchling. In addition to the generous entrance area, an exhibition area is planned which will provide information about Röchling, the products and applications and the location. Large, representative conference rooms with modern presentation technology are planned, as well as new offices.

Among others, the new rooms will be moved into by the new research and development department ‘Corporate R&D’, which has been further expanded over recent months. Corporate R&D is the central development department of the Industrial division, which is managed from Haren. Corporate R&D bundles and coordinates all research and development activities across the 42 global locations in the division.

‘The new opportunities will enable Corporate R&D to better dedicate itself to the current development issues. The department is to increase efficiency and take on upstream development issues, define and pursue core areas,’ explained Franz Lübbers. In the medium term, the department is to be increased from 10 to 15 or 20 employees. In order to push ahead even harder with the development of new products, material inspection and quality management will also be receiving new rooms in the Industrial Centre in future. ‘This will clearly facilitate the cooperation so that we will be better able to meet the requirements of our customers,’ explained Dr. Axel Höfter, general manager corporate R&D.

The company used the ground-breaking ceremony of the Industrial Centre as an occasion to introduce the new managing director production and engineering for the Haren location. From 1 July, Florian Helmich will be taking on this role as a member of management for Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG, Haren. In his new role, he will be managing the operational business and brings with him many years of experience.

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