New International Coatings Gel Gloss Adds Dimension To Prints

Elton John poster art reproduced by permission from artist David Edward Byrd.

Industrial Coatings’ new AXEON Non-PVC Crystal Clear Gel Gloss 1807 provides the pop that makes prints stand out.

Crystal Clear Gel Gloss can be used as an over-print coat on any non-PVC or PVC plastisol prints to create clear, glossy designs – ideal for adding dimension, accents, and interest to prints. It can also be used as a clear carrier and adhesive for PVC or glass caviar beads, or for in-line foil applications.

The product works best when printed on small areas versus large block areas. It should be printed through a 400 micron capillary film with a 110 mesh screen, using a 60 Durometer squeegee set at a 20° angle, with a double print at a fast stroke speed.

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