Ritrama Announces Additions To Film Range


The ALL1LAYER range includes two matte effect white 200μ monomeric films. There is no need for laminating films, unlike traditional products for floor decoration.

The naturally embossed surface of these films avoids over-laminating after the printing phase. The user therefore has a ‘turnkey package’ ready to be printed and applied directly onto the surface required, resulting in considerable savings in time and money.

The product features the R10 certified safety with regards to anti-slip standards for indoor floor applications, along with excellent printability using the most common printing techniques.

Due to their particular manufacture, ALL1LAYER films are particularly suitable for short-term decorations and signage (maximum three months) in indoor, high foot-traffic areas such as airports, stations, hospitals, shopping centres and trade events. The FLOOR TALKER range also includes a complete set of specific films for indoor and outdoor applications for more complex and long-lasting decorative needs.

RI-Jet 100 and RI-Jet 140 Floor Talker are the ideal choice for long-term indoor applications. The grey pigments contained in their adhesive increase opacity, guaranteeing that any pre-existing images are completely concealed, while ensuring maximum fast and clean adhesion and removal.

The HI-GRIP series is ideal in outdoor applications and on complex surfaces such as smooth concrete and non-polar surfaces. Maximum adhesion is guaranteed thanks to their extra-permanent adhesives, keeping all types of decoration intact and unaltered over time.

This product range also includes RI-121/100 Floor Talker and RI-121/200 Floor Talker laminating films, to be combined with products of the RI-Jet or HI-GRIP series as required. These embossed lamination films have anti-slip properties (R9 and R10 respectively), and also protect the graphics themselves. They feature excellent resistance to water and cleaning products, as well as perfect adhesion to non-polar floor surfaces such as glass, ABS, PS and PVC, is ensured thanks to the use of permanent adhesive.


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