Read The Latest Sign Africa Journal Online

Read The Latest Sign Africa Journal Online

The front cover of the September/October edition of Sign Africa Journal features Midcomp highlighting that print service providers no longer need to choose between sustainability or high quality and production.

HP Latex technology features the greenest credentials of any printing solution as well as incredible efficiency and productivity. By adding HP Latex technology to their print arsenal, businesses can print on virtually any substrate to create signage, vehicle wraps, décor, stickers, posters and more. Users can do all of this, and lead with the most environmentally certified technology.

Other Features:

Explore Ink Possibilities To Elevate Your Large Format Printing Game

Ink plays a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of any visual creation. In the dynamic world of large format printing, the choice of ink is a vital decision that influences your artwork’s quality, longevity and environmental impact.

ChatGPT Says Traditional Signage Will To Be A Vital Part Of Business

When SignForce asked ChatGPT: ‘will signage survive the current AI revolution?’ ChatGPT answered: ‘Absolutely! While artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising many aspects of business and technology, signage serves a different purpose entirely.’ The Future Role Of Printed Marketing Our brains receive thousands of messages every day and are constantly switching from one topic to another.

Six Steps Employees Can Take To Solve Customer’ Problems

There are several things that annoy customers, including not being understood, not being valued, not getting their money’s worth, and not being believed.

How 3D Printing Can Enhance The Electric Vehicle Market

With the potential to enable faster market penetration of electric vehicles as a whole, it’s no wonder that 3D printing has taken such a vital role in this revolution.

Why Remote Management Of Digital Signage Is Effective

Digital signage has an impressively fast growth ratio worldwide with successful enterprises having realised their significance for customer engagement, sales and business growth.

Roland Dealer Helps Enhance Education In The Signage Trade

An ongoing partnership between Westview School in Port Elizabeth and Digital Intention, an authorised Roland DG South Africa dealer providing Roland DG products to the Eastern Cape, continues to help learners acquire skills in the unique signage trade.

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