Printing SA Becomes An Associate Member of FESPA


The South African printing association, Printing SA, has become an Associate Member of FESPA following approval of the application at FESPA's recent General Assembly. Printing SA will serve two years as an Associate Member, before the decision to grant full membership status is put to a vote among FESPA's other national associations.

Printing SA represents around 800 members in the print, newspaper and packaging industries in South Africa. The association has four regional offices across South Africa providing services such as regular meetings, networking events and technical workshops.

Patrick Lacy, CEO, Printing SA said, 'Becoming an Associate Member of FESPA is the achievement of two years of planning and preparation; we're delighted that FESPA has recognised the benefits Printing SA can bring to the organisation. In the two years ahead as an Associate Member, we're determined to develop new relationships with printers and manufacturers, especially in the digital wide format printing space. We already represent a number of companies in the screen sector, so with FESPA's relationships and experience in digital wide format print, we see them as a medium to help us increase membership in the digital area. Our overall objective is to share the benefits of FESPA with our members and to become a fully accredited FESPA member two years from now.'

Lacy continued, 'FESPA's direct presence in Africa, following the inaugural FESPA Africa exhibition this year, provides printers in the region with the opportunity to come together and share knowledge under one roof. The exhibition also creates the occasion for smaller companies to view international developments to which they would not otherwise have access. FESPA Africa 2015 will be a great platform for us to show FESPA our commitment to the industry, our members and FESPA itself.'

During its two years as an Associate Member, Printing SA will get full member benefits including exclusive access to FESPA products such as the Planet Friendly Guides and FESPA Print Census, which they can distribute to their members. They will also have access to financial support via the FESPA Projects Committee and will be invited to attend all Secretaries meetings as well as the FESPA General Assembly.

To gain full membership at the end of their two year induction period, Printing SA must demonstrate that they have fully complied with the memorandum of understanding and code of practice.

Once elected as a full member by FESPA's national associations, Printing SA will be granted full voting rights. This will enable Printing SA to directly influence FESPA policy and strategy, present proposals for consideration, vote on key items and ensure the voice of the printing community in South Africa is heard. In addition full membership of FESPA will give members of Printing SA exposure to the broader and more global views of the industry, as well as insights into the challenges facing printers on other continents, enabling them to shape their businesses for the future.

Sean Holt, General Secretary, FESPA said, 'We're extremely pleased that Printing SA is on the path towards becoming a full FESPA member. Printing SA's considerable membership base will bring us great insight and understanding of the South African print market, while also growing our global member community significantly. We're confident that working with Printing SA will have a positive impact on our FESPA Africa exhibition in 2015, attracting more visitors to the show by promoting FESPA's message and the power of print to South African print service providers. Working with a local association will also enable us to use local market knowledge to tailor content to the benefit of South African printers, a key success factor in all our global events.

'As a member, Printing SA will be eligible to receive funding which will help support the South African print community by providing tailored events and research intelligence. As part of our Profit for Purpose philosophy we reinvest our profits for the benefits of our global print community and Printing SA will help us in achieving this. We are excited to work with them to build and strengthen the existing South African print market.'

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