PrinterEvolution Launches D5300 DS Sublimation Printer

STIXO-Signage Supplies

The 5.3m D5300 DS sublimation printer allows users to print full-width on a 4.9m (16 foot) roll or print separate jobs simultaneously on two different rolls.

By converting sublimation into a one-step process, the D5300 DS drastically reduces loading and unloading labour efforts and supports demand for faster turnaround times. The control panel on the D Series allows operators to fine-tune the perfect temperature and dwell time while the built-in calender (or rotary heat press) uses an evenly-heated steel drum that the fabric wraps around during the sublimation phase. The resulting fabric prints are rich, vibrant and colourfast.

Kyocera printheads with a 4pL native drop size result in high-speed, true grayscale fabric printing. The D5300 DS can be configured with four or eight print heads and is field upgradable when the user is ready to increase your speed.


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