Presto Reveals WallFab Digital Print Media Line


The smooth finish of WallFab’s thick fabric material offers reliable performance over time, and the microsphere adhesive makes installation faster and easier than earlier wide format digital printing media.

But the finish of the new product is the most eye-catching feature of all. WallFab comes with a choice of gold iridescent, pearlescent, silver metallic and black finishes that create a high contrast ratio with the printed pattern. The result is a more vibrant image that stands out and is virtually impossible to ignore. The combination of a high-quality image on a smooth reflective finish sets this wall-covering apart from other wide format media.

Presto has fortified its leadership reputation for finely crafted adhesives with the peel and stick microsphere backing that practically guarantees fast and flawless installation. WallFab make wrinkles nearly impossible and handling the product far more trouble-free.

Wall blemishes and imperfections are not a concern for the WallFab line. The 15mm thick material is completely opaque to hide discoloration. The thickness of the material and superior strength of the adhesive overpowers wall defects. The resulting savings in prep time will make WallFab a preferred choice for all project sizes and surface types.

WallFab products are effectively timeless. The superior fabric is resistant to peeling, shrinking and curling over the lifetime of the installation. While the adhesive is strong enough to last years, it removes without peeling underlying paint or damaging walls. It will come off as easily after years as it will after a single day.

‘We believe WallFab can change the way people perceive wallpaper and wall-coverings. Wallpaper has the perception that it is messy and costly. When using wallpaper, installers have to prepare the wall and use water and paste. Even removing the wallpaper can be a daunting and pricey task. With WallFab, we remove those factors. It can be a temporary or permanent wall-covering. You can even put it over existing wallpaper,’ said Eric Hanson, Vice President of Graphics at Presto.

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