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Polytech showcased various thermoforming machines at the Sign Africa RoadShow in Cape Town, including the Compac Mini, 300XQ and FM660.

The Formech 300XQ is the most powerful and energy efficient machine in its class, with a forming area of 430 x 280mm. With its powerful quartz heaters, it is ready to use in a few minutes, providing rapid heat response times and quick cycle times. You simply plug into a 15A wall socket and start moulding.

The Compac Mini is a compact, versatile and highly adaptable machine requiring minimum working space. Its forming area is 280 x 230mm.

The thermoforming solutions were showcased with Sign-Tronic’s UV flexible ink. Printing and vacuum forming with solvent ink was developed and patented by Adrian Wolman of Sign-Tronic in 2002.

The Formech FM 660 has a forming area of 620 x 620mm while the newly-launched FM 686 has PLC controls and a forming area of 646 x 620mm, providing a cost-effective solution for prototype and small to medium run requirements using a wide range of materials up to 10mm thick. It provides the operator with all the flexibility of a manual machine and with an easy ‘hands on’ approach.

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