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The evolution of large format print is bigger, faster, more flexible and better quality. The installation of the new HP Scitex FB7600 Large Format, industrial, digital press at Beith Digital’s premises in Sandton promises to deliver on all the above. The new addition to Beith’s comprehensive production line will be fully commissioned by end of June and positions Beith as the most technologically advanced large format digital printer in the country.
Devyn Wagner, MD, Beith Digital, explains that the HP FB7600 will gradually replace a large portion of their traditional screen printing work and is the next step in efficiency. ‘One of the biggest benefits of this machine is its quick turnaround times. It turns a job that could have taken us days into a couple of hours. It’s is a complete solution. With the FB7600 mounting and varnishing is removed and all that needs to be done after printing is cutting and delivering. The labour intensive processes are minimised.’
‘A particular benefit is that clients will be able to get prototypes or “real-life” proofs with no addition set-up charges. We no longer have to do a mock up on one technology and then have to explain to the client that the final product may have variations when we produce the live production run. What you present to the client will be exactly what the actual finished product will look like,’ says Wagner.
The new HP Scitex FB7600 is also cost effective on large or small projects and deliver exceptional quality, brilliant colour prints with quicker turn-around times. Variable data printing offers affordable, customized campaigns for focussed marketing. Environmentally conscious customers will benefit from GreenGuard approved inks. The HP Scitex FB7600 also gives clients flexibility for rush jobs and urgent proofs. A production run can now be interrupted, an urgent sample printed instantly and the proofing process shortened.
The investment in the HP Scitex FB7600 is part of Beith’s philosophy to keep up with latest digital technology and create a dynamic environment where they are able to offer clients the best possible large format print solutions.

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