Polyprint Showcasing Latest DTG Technological Advances

Polyprint Showcasing Latest DTG Technological Advances

Polyprint is showcasing its next generation direct-to-garment (DTG) printers, new Texjet DTG inks, and the upgraded automatic pre-treatment machine, PreTreater Pro.

Polyprint’s next generation DTG printers are designed, developed and manufactured in-house by Polyprint experts. Created for non-stop production, these DTG printers are equipped with a bulk ink printing system, a white ink recirculation system and an auto CMYK/White agitation system, offering α seamless production, cost-efficiently, with superior print quality up to 4800dpi. Fourteen different Snap-On platens deliver a wide application range with Direct-To-Garment and Direct-To-Film printing capabilities.

The new Texjet NG120 next generation DTG printer features two industrial print heads, a maximum printing area of 40 x 50cm, CMYK + White or two CMYK printhead configurations.

The new Texjet NG130 features three industrial printheads, a grand print area of 50 x 70cm (ideal for the fashion industry), and multiple printhead configurations: 1 x CMYK, 2 x White; 1 x CMYK, 1 x RGB, 1 x White for increased colour gamut; 2 x CMYK, 1 x White for faster production on lights and 3 x CMYK for maximum production on lights.

Created for all TexJet DTG printers, the new Texjet DTG bulk inks come with an enriched colour gamut for lavish designs, and quick fixation times for faster production. These water-based textile pigment inks are environmentally friendly and offer enhanced stretchability and superb washability for long-lasting prints.

The upgraded PreTreater Pro offers an even better garment pretreating experience. This advanced automatic pretreatment machine offers stress-free, uniform garment pretreating, to exceed customer expectations, with perfect DTG prints.


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