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Czech sign and graphics company VM Factory Ltd used Perspex® Spectrum LED for new signage at Prague’s renamed Vaclav Havel Airport Prague. The airport was renamed after former Czech president Vaclav Havel. 

Singular design

New signage for the main terminal building was commissioned following the Czech Parliament’s decision to rename the airport at Prague in honour of their former president, Vaclav Havel.

The key element of the sign design was to show the name of the president in single illuminated letters that had to look bold and intense in both daylight and when illuminated by night.

VM Factory Ltd were chosen to create the signage for the building. They used their Diffex VM system, developed specially for use with LEDs, together with Perspex® Spectrum LED 1TL2, to create signs with extra brightness and illumination.

Challenging project

In total, VM Factory produced five different signs for the airport re-signing programme.

The signs are made up of individual letters, ranging in height from 500mm to 1400mm each one illuminated by LEDs and individually mounted.

Perspex® distributors Axom Kladno s.r.o. recommended Perspex® Spectrum LED 1TL2 as the ideal material for this application because of its impressive hiding power, improved diffusion of light and the elimination of ‘hotspots’.

Signs made with Perspex® Spectrum LED enjoy the benefits of LEDs and create elegant solutions that are cost and eco-efficient, whilst enhancing intensity and colour.

Installing the signs was quite a challenge, the largest was placed at a height of 20metres on the façade of the connecting building, which is visible from runway, and all work was carried out whilst the airport was still running at full capacity. However, VM Factory rose to the challenge to create spectacular signs.

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