Business Manufactures And Designs Multiple Solutions With 3A Composites Materials

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Hi-Lite Paint & Hardware, which has been in business for six decades, has created Covid-19 hanging and standing split screens as well as face shields, sky lites, domes, roof sheeting and more using 3A Composites’ materials. 

DIBOND® and PERSPEX® were used for the Covid-19 screens, while IMPEX®UVP was used for window replacements, viewing panels and security applications. FOAMALITE® X-Press was used for signs, fascia boards, ceilings, Broekie lace and other applications for artists and students.

DIBOND® is light and can be three dimensionally shaped, making it extremely stable and rigid. The PERSPEX® brand has established a reputation as one of the most creative, flexible and eye-catching materials in the market for corporate imaging and signage.

IMPEX® stands for a wide range of large format, virtually unbreakable extruded polycarbonate sheets with very good optical and mechanical properties, while FOAMALITE® PVC sheets represent a reliable selection of plastic sheets for a variety of applications in the field of visual communication.

The solutions were used in various schools, hospitals, doctor’s rooms, fast food outlets and general retail stores. Owner Herman van Lochem said, ‘3A materials are high quality and trusted products, ISO tested and EU approved.’ He also commended the backup support and service from the supplier.

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