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Perspex SA held a successful series of personalised training sessions for Gauteng customers. Each training session was carried out at the customer’s premises and was attended by a wide range of interested staff members including management, sales and workshop operators. In addition to technical training, Perspex SA launched new products including MI/UHI Acrylics, PETg and PVC Foam Board, which were very well received.

The top-level team introduced customers to exciting new products and performed technical training, demonstrating fabrication techniques such as flame polishing, line bending, gluing and drilling of Perspex products.

‘The technical training modules were conducted by Nalan Naicker, the head of our internal technical team, and independent industry expert Paul Tinker,’ said Perspex SA Business Manager Kyle Watkins, who led the module on the marketing of the new products.

‘We had a tremendously positive response at every company we visited, so intend repeating this type of training on a monthly basis. We tailor the training to the individual company’s needs, allowing us to address their specific fabrication queries and broadening their skills as well as their understanding of Perspex’ products.’

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