Peerless-AV Announces New Outdoor Display

Ikono-Printing & Protection Films

The 165.1cm (65”) Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display (XHB652-EUK) includes cover glass that is optically bonded to cut down on glare and provide amazing picture quality, even in direct sunlight.

The new addition to the line of displays features an all-weather IP66 rated design, as well as Peerless-AV’s patented Dynamic Thermal Transfer System, bringing an extended size offering to the growing DOOH market.

With an operating temperature range of -35°C to 60°C, Xtreme Displays are designed to thrive year-round outside in even the harshest of environments. The display’s integrated ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s brightness to optimise the power consumption and enhance the overall viewing experience.

Built to withstand the complete spectrum of outdoor elements, the displays are fully protected against moisture, as well as any potential debris. They are the ideal perfect digital signage or entertainment solution for any professional application including mass transit, stadiums, theme parks, retail, quick serve restaurants (QSR), corporate applications, education, hospitality, and beyond.

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