Paul Moeller & Co Announces Trident Series CNC Routers


The Trident Series is an innovative hybrid solution that offers the most versatile router/knife combination in its class.

Designed specifically for the digital finishing industry, the company’s engineering team developed a CNC Router that meets the traditional demands of the industry, while delivering overwhelming power to take on broader projects.

Adopting the most configurable machine base in the industry, the Trident Series provides maximum flexibility when it comes to standard process areas, ranging from 1524mm x 1219mm to 2159mm x 3048mm, with the option of virtually any length required.

With the new twin knife head, the oscillating and tangential knife arrangement works in perfect harmony, while the spindle adds much needed versatility and power to create a robust multi-purpose CNC machine. Processing thin flexible materials is often a challenging process for a traditional router, however the Trident series slices through this material with ease, delivering clean cut edges. A second robust knife unit tackles heavier, thicker and harder materials. Easily interchangeable blade attachments allow virtually all material to be processed with full directional control.

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