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The latest edition of Sign Africa Journal is online. The front cover story focuses on Intamarket Graphics’ announcement of a number of new distribution partnerships with premium brands. This positions the company as a one stop complete solutions supplier to the signage and graphics industry, with an extensive product offering.

Other features include:

Explode With Possibilities In Exhibitor Highlights

You can explore the latest technologies and trends in signage, wide format digital printing, screen printing and T-shirt printing at the flagship Sign Africa and FESPA Africa expo.

Ignite Your Imagination With The New Paintshop Pro 2020

The latest installment of Paintshop Pro is freshly out of the oven. Apart from a slew of new features, it comes at a price that’s easy on your pocket.

The Correlation Between Sustainability And Business Success

A sustainable business is a successful business. Any change to how a business runs will invariably come at a cost. Sustainable practice is an investment like any other.

Considerations For Your Next Signage And Printing Software Investment

In today’s cut-throat market, it’s often the extra things that reap the biggest reward. SAi’s Sarit Tichon believes this is true of the sign and display and large format sector, especially when it comes to investing in new solutions for your business.

How Climate Affects Vinyl Performance

The durability of a PVC film is generally determined by three major factors. They are the additives in the film, the environment in which the film is used, and ink (in the case of printed film).

Effective Design Creates A Powerful First Impression

Dan Antonelli, writing for SignCraft, says a new restaurant opened up near his office. It had been vacant for almost ten years, and people were very excited for it to reopen.

Measuring Success In Signage

There are many ways to evaluate and measure the success of your purchases and investments. In order to measure the return on investment, it is believed that four fundamental questions need to be answered, preferably before the sign is purchased.

Textile Inkjet Printer Options

Textile printing is still a growing trend, in part because there are five different kinds of textile inks and many different kinds (structures) of wide format inkjet printers to handle printing on fabrics.

Routing Tips And Tricks

The first thing to consider before you start routing is the choice of the bit. A bit can differ in various ways, depending on the type of flute, coating, purpose, spiral shape, etc.

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