Paradigm Announces 1600 Heat-Assisted Cold Laminator


Paradigm Imaging Group announced the newest Laminator from SID Signs, the SID 1600-EW Heat-Assisted Cold Laminator.

The new SID SL 1600 EW is a 157.48 (62″) heat-assisted laminator designed to make the application of pressure sensitive laminates easier. With faster laminations speeds at 6m per minute, it can eliminate silvering, bubbles and wrinkles by applying heat when needed.

SID SL 1600 EW is a fully functional heat-assist laminator with a stable pressure system. If the user doesn’t need the heat, it doesn’t need to be turned on. The top roller of the laminator is heated and the user can adjust the heat temperature of the roller for specialty applications, mounting and over lamination.

It has take up rollers to unwind the release liner backing from pressure sensitive films and
can be used with a wide variety of films. It is available with a foot pedal switch, which allows for hands free operation and also suited for accurate piece-to-piece application.

The primary benefit of this type of cold laminator is that it gives the user more control. The new SID 1600 EW laminator is a perfect solution for sign shops, graphic artists, and photographers that need to produce the highest quality output for critical projects. With a traditional cold laminator, the user really only has control over speed and tension. By adding heat to the equation, the user can achieve better results and use specialty films that are difficult to use otherwise.

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