Papersmith & Son Announces 100% Recyclable PPE Screen And SA-Made Sanitiser

Ikono-Printing & Protection Films

The transportation of people is associated with a great deal of uncertainty and risk for drivers and passengers, particularly in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Priplak® Protect, made from Priplak® Cristal +, a transparent polypropylene, separates the driver and passengers, reducing the risk of infection.

Thanks to recent technical developments, Priplak Cristal + is approximately 35% lighter than traditional plastics such as PET and PVC, which offers the potential for substantial savings in both material and transportation. 100% recyclable, this new quality is ideal for any transparent packaging project, and is easy to die cut, print, cut, crease and glue.

The product is halogen free, and contains no substances that can damage the ozone layer. It is also made of inert waste. Priplak® is corona treated on both sides to enable it to be printed with UV offset, UV screen and UV digital. It is strong but flexible and can be cleaned with alcohol without crazing. Specs: 700 x 1000, 350mic.

Hand sanitiser

Produced in South Africa, Papersmith & Son’s hand sanitiser features a total microbe kill rate and has been tested against SANS 5261 specifications. It contains glycerine, 72% ethyl alcohol and 28% sterile water.

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